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Earthy things

Night | Noche (2013)

Film – soundscape. Country house in Argentina and an endless night. A group of young people listening to audio recordings left by their friend who committed suicide. Probably one of the best sound engineer’s works I’ve heard recently (by Leandro de Loredo).

Heavy fumes

Portrait of Jason (1967)

A hustler and a cabaret artist telling his troubled life story. It’s just a long dialogue with almost no editing but it has a very strong effect on you. The guy has quite a personality. Gosh I’ve never seen a person laughing so hard. And still it’s damn sad.

Earthy things

Sweet Bean | An (2015)

Simple and touching. After a series of persistent solicitations, a teriyaki shop manager agrees to hire an old lady. She appears to be a teriyaki master, but rumors say she used to have leprosy.

Earthy things

Tokyo Drifter (1966)

At times hilarious parody on Yakuza movies, it definitely approaches the arty areas with its impressive colours, original cuts and surreal surroundings. And off course the stuck in you head theme song:  

Heavy fumes

Wanda (1970)

The newly divorced good-for nothing (in her opinion) woman escapes from a coal mining town accompanied by a crook. Quite depressing, but good.

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