Amour (2012)

After I watched Funny Games I got the idea that I do not understand Haneke. I do not understand why he creates a film with just a brutal depressive violence and hopeless sadness in it. Something which just cuts you down and does not leave you any air to breathe. I was looking for some deeper ideas which can flow from it, but it still seems that I can only see it as a cause and effect in itself.

With such an idea in my head I did not quite want to see another movie of him, but since it was just everywhere around I still went to see it. And though it is depressing and sad but had something else in it. It describes how an old couple’s love is being tested by time, when she’s having an attack and starts to slowly turn into a vegetable, while he is trying to deal with it as good as he can. And even though it all finishes by him killing her with a pillow, when she is close to lose the last properties making her human and not a senseless object, it has some beauty to it. Something beautiful and loveful in this act. Like him giving everything of him for this act and this being the most important and also the last meaningful thing he does, and like he does not care about what else may come, since she’s gone and the most important part of him is gone also.