Black Pond (2011)

I’m quite accustomed to all kinds of weird cinema pieces, but this is one strange movie. And beautiful and funny and really sad one also. It’s like a mix of all kinds of things but still very solid somehow. Starting off as a thriller it turns into a family drama or British comedy from time to time but there’s always something else in the air which unites it all, makes it unique. Maybe it’s the atmosphere or maybe it’s this bearded man, who is a bit disconnected, poetic and sad at the same time.

The bearded man photo

The bearded man

An old couple meets him near a pond in a park and he seems to be so nice that they invite him for a tea. He tells them a story of a man whose wife disappeared one day and though he has never found her, something in the nature let him understood that she has drown in this black pond. Strangely this story seems to touch the guest a lot and never goes out of his mind. Being in their family just for one day he manages to changes their life forever.