Days of Eclipse |Dni zatmeniya (1988)

A young Russian doctor is sent to work in a faraway town in Turkmenistan (part of USSR back then). Faced with foreign and sometimes hostile surroundings, people and culture he tries to work and write medical research. It gets harder every day with reality getting more and more distorted by the hot climate and mystical events.

dni zatmeniya (1988) 6

“My sister writes to me that I must miss my hometown, but I don’t even remember it.”

No one talks straight here, faces have no expressions, music is monotonous. Dmitry definitely does not fit here, and his work has no value, however he stays there as if he is paralyzed by the heat.

Music written for the film by Yury Hanon helps to see the visuals from the right angle and enriches its’ meaning. Sometimes it purposefully conflicts with what is shown on the screen creating a feeling of detachment and being lost.

dni zatmeniya (1988) 4