Saverio Costanzo

Saverio Costanzo is an Italian film director. He was born in Rome, the son of journalist and TV presenter Maurizio Costanzo. His debut was Private in 2004. In 2007 his second feature In memoria di me was presented at the 57th Berlin Film Festival

Airy matters

In memory of me (2007)

Difficult to understand internal dilemmas of a man willing to become a priest, which are expressed (or not expressed) by means of 115 minutes of Catholic monastery’s empty halls and rare but meaningful dialogs about faith. Characters inside world is left unrevealed, and so are many parts of the plot, which are left open for..
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Heavy fumes

The loneliness of prime numbers (2010)

A simple story, maybe even cliché sometimes, but somehow it touched me. A relationship of an autistic boy and a handicapped girl, Mattia and Alliche, both lonely and lost. Being very close to each they never managed to get as close as they want to. It’s always something not said or not understood  fully between..
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