In memory of me (2007)

Difficult to understand internal dilemmas of a man willing to become a priest, which are expressed (or not expressed) by means of 115 minutes of Catholic monastery’s empty halls and rare but meaningful dialogs about faith. Characters inside world is left unrevealed, and so are many parts of the plot, which are left open for interpretation. I assume, it creates a possibility for making a story more personal for everyone’ own doubts and beliefs, because a viewer always needs to associate his/herself with the events on the screen and faith is a highly complex matter for plain definitions.

“I don’t want to keep chasing after the same freedom that everyone wants. It’s false.It’s false freedom.”

“Our aim is to become indifferent to everything.”

“We must not desire wealth over poverty,health over illness,success rather than scorn,or a long life rather than a short one
Those of us here, strive only for what fulfils the aim for which we were created. To resemble God.”