Mars et Avril (2012)

A Canadian science fiction movie with a slight philosophical context, made with a low budget and a high amount of creativity. An old charismatic musician, living in a kiber-punk future,  plays on the instruments inspired by a women’s body and once falls in love with his muse.

Mars et Avril 2012


The instruments are designed by his friend Arthur, whose father Eugène is a famous cosmologist occupied with an idea that the reality is controlled by our mind. While people are just about to land on Mars, he says that Mars is in our heads, and your mind is a spaceship.

 playing Eugène a leading figure in the Canadian avant garde theatre and was to busy to  be constantly present during the filming process. His head was filmed from different angles against a green screen and was used as a gologramme image attached to a body of a different actor. This is how according to , constrains boost creativity. See his Ted talk “How I made an impossible film“.

Some really great art objects-instruments were made specially for this flm, financed by the founder  of Cirque du Soleil. Each instrument is made as a representation of a women body.  The one below, The Marsophone, is “the symbol of Jacob and Arthur’s love for Avril… which resonates through Mars!”

Instrument Marsophone