Rosetta (1999)

Rosette tries hard to live a normal life, but she just can’t get there. Desperately looking for a job she betrays her only friend to get his job in a waffle-selling wagon. And you really can’t blame her for that. Circumstances can lead a person to such a state of despair, that there is really no place for morals left.

Rosetta 1999 2

“I have a job.. I have a friend.. I live a normal life.”

Every scene in this film manages to communicate so much with so little, and all the small details add up to a coherent whole. Taken out of context Rosette’s sometimes eccentric behavior would seem strange, but here it’s not. On the opposite, every step seems to be the only one left. Rosette is like a chess player trying to avoid an inevitable stalemate from a stronger opponent.