Heavy fumes

Only God Forgives (2013)

Well in fact even he  does not, when he is  priest looking Thai policeman who ensures justice by cutting away arms, piercing eyes with a fruit knife and pleasing his subordinates’ ears with his sweet love songs in a karaoke bar afterwards. The amount of blood and violence reaches the point when an experienced gore/slasher..
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Airy matters

Post Tenebras Lux (2012)

How are teenage regby match, hundreed years old trees   being cut,   blurry/dreamy effects, and  the Devil with a toolbox are all connected to each other is up for you to decide. There is definitely more than one way to see it. Or is it about Mexican violence or European hypocrisy?

Heavy fumes

The Hunt (2012)

Just like he himself hunts a deer, his ex-friends, ex-coworkers and the whole city surround him and shrink  the circle until it gets hard to breath. Even a small and innocent lie is able to make it all turn, and boil, and bite, and hit you,because there is already too much evil around.