Heavy fumes

Portrait of Jason (1967)

A hustler and a cabaret artist telling his troubled life story. It’s just a long dialogue with almost no editing but it has a very strong effect on you. The guy has quite a personality. Gosh I’ve never seen a person laughing so hard. And still it’s damn sad.

Heavy fumes

Leviathan (2012)

Documentary about industrial fishery shot somewhere in the North Atlantic. Shot by cameras attached to random places all over the ship, and it’s wet, and it’s dark and it’s sleazy fish-heads. Nothing sea-romantic here. People look tired and no wonder – the job is harsh and machine like and so are the conditions. Leviathan –..
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Earthy things

Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

South Africa, 70’s. Every household just as likely had this record on the shelf as they had Beatles “Abbey Road”. It became a soundtrack to the Anti-Apartheid Movement and overcame Elvis in popularity. The strange thing is – nobody knew anything about the author, besides that he’s from US. And it’s not so easy to..
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Airy matters

Amonst White Clouds (2005)

Documentary about Chinese monks living alone high in the mountains and sharing their Buddhist wisdom with the travelling Canadian bearded guy. Has some nice imagery of nature and monks’ everyday life. Monk’s riddle: “Ten thousands things all in this breath grasping hold of emptiness there’s really nothing to say.” google video