human nature

Earthy things

Vertigo (1958)

Starting as a rather pleasant atmospheric film with a light gloomy, mystical or even existential undertone (or was I just imagining it?) after crossing the first hour point, it somehow slips into a plane detective/romantic story. I do admire Hitchcock’s capabilities of creating movies, which while being bloodless, and lacking typical horror/thriller elements, still make..
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Deep waters

Masculin Féminin: 15 faits précis (1966)

Paul lives in Paris in 60′s. He’s proudly concerned with politics, full of energy and desperately in love.   Being restlessly young, he shouts anti Vietnam War slogans, cracks philosophical jokes and, involved in sociological research  asks you: Do you know that there is hunger in India? Do you know what is communism? What kind of contraceptives do you use? Starting..
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Airy matters

Post Tenebras Lux (2012)

How are teenage regby match, hundreed years old trees   being cut,   blurry/dreamy effects, and  the Devil with a toolbox are all connected to each other is up for you to decide. There is definitely more than one way to see it. Or is it about Mexican violence or European hypocrisy?

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