Heavy fumes

Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959)

It starts with a close-up of two cuddling bodies, covered in substance which at first glance reminds of  chemical burns, then is just a sand and then a constellation. “You have seen nothing in Hiroshima, ” – the narrator keeps on repeating while the viewer goes through more and more of awful imagery. Shots of destroyed Hiroshima,..
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Airy matters

Mars et Avril (2012)

A Canadian science fiction movie with a slight philosophical context, made with a low budget and a high amount of creativity. An old charismatic musician, living in a kiber-punk future,  plays on the instruments inspired by a women’s body and once falls in love with his muse. The instruments are designed by his friend Arthur, whose..
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Deep waters

Masculin Féminin: 15 faits précis (1966)

Paul lives in Paris in 60′s. He’s proudly concerned with politics, full of energy and desperately in love.   Being restlessly young, he shouts anti Vietnam War slogans, cracks philosophical jokes and, involved in sociological research  asks you: Do you know that there is hunger in India? Do you know what is communism? What kind of contraceptives do you use? Starting..
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Earthy things

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

Just as Moonrise Kingdom  it’s incredibly funny but at the same time very human, kind and wise -a  rare combination these days. And,oh, these red Jacques Cousteau beanies, old fashioned ship equipment, and a beautiful enormous kind of ship dollhouse they built are just so fantastic. p.s. It turned out there’s a lot of  beautiful posters for this film:

Heavy fumes

Amour (2012)

After I watched Funny Games I got the idea that I do not understand Haneke. I do not understand why he creates a film with just a brutal depressive violence and hopeless sadness in it. Something which just cuts you down and does not leave you any air to breathe. I was looking for some..
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