Heavy fumes

Leviathan (2012)

Documentary about industrial fishery shot somewhere in the North Atlantic. Shot by cameras attached to random places all over the ship, and it’s wet, and it’s dark and it’s sleazy fish-heads. Nothing sea-romantic here. People look tired and no wonder – the job is harsh and machine like and so are the conditions. Leviathan –..
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Deep waters

Liverpool (2008)

After spending quite some time at sea a sailor goes ashore to visit his family leaving in an isolated mountain village in Argentina. And the way is long and snowy. Instead of feeding the spectator with information and guiding him from one scene to another creating all the necessary connections, Alonso chooses a different approach…
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Earthy things

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

Just as Moonrise Kingdom  it’s incredibly funny but at the same time very human, kind and wise -a  rare combination these days. And,oh, these red Jacques Cousteau beanies, old fashioned ship equipment, and a beautiful enormous kind of ship dollhouse they built are just so fantastic. p.s. It turned out there’s a lot of  beautiful posters for this film: