Vertigo (1958)

Starting as a rather pleasant atmospheric film with a light gloomy, mystical or even existential undertone (or was I just imagining it?) after crossing the first hour point, it somehow slips into a plane detective/romantic story.

I do admire Hitchcock’s capabilities of creating movies, which while being bloodless, and lacking typical horror/thriller elements, still make you shiver. Psycho and Birds I find masterpieces in their own kind.

However in case of Vertigo, subtle elements, like a piece of dialog alluding to something ambiguous, or  a dreamy camera shot make it personally special for me. Together with John entering his vertigo noxious state of mind, I start feeling dizzy too. And  I guess it’s this  physical and mental dizziness which goes throughout the whole movie,  which makes it stand out from a so to say classical detective story.

Unfortunately, sometimes I get unpleasantly distracted by these (free citation)  “I save your live, and you know what Chinese say, I am now responsible for it forever”, and then a kiss combined with a thunder sound of a  wave braking against the shore.